Southern Right Whale & Marine MammalResearch

For over 10 years, we have had a great collaborative relationship with the SA Whale Museum Marine Mammal Research Team (Dr Catherine Kemper & Dr Peter Shaughnessy) and Marine Scientists at Curtin University in Western Australia (Dr Claire Charlton & Dr Rhianne Ward) who have carried on the great work of Dr Steve Burnell who commenced the study in 1990. 

Over the course of our operation, we have provided photographic data, marine mammal species sightings, SRW stool collections, logistical support for deceased whales & participation in necropsies, whale counts and logistical support for population, distribution and acoustic whale studies within Fowlers Bay

For more information, or to follow their work:  

Charlton C., S. Guggenheimer., S. Burnell. S., J. Bannister. 2014b. Southern right whale abundance at Fowler Bay and connectivity to adjacent calving ground, Head of Bight, South Australia. Final report to Commonwealth Government, Australian Antarctic Division, Australian Marine Mammal Centre

Ward, R, Charlton, C. & Guggenheimer, S. 2014. Southern rght whale (Eubalaena Australis) acoustics study at Fowlers Bay, South Australia - data summary of preliminary recordings from August 2013. Curtin University Centre for Marine Science and Technology CMST Internal Report 2014

Ward, R., McCauley, R. D., Gavrilov, A. N. and Charlton, C. M. 2019. Underwater sound sources and ambient noise in Fowlers Bay, South Australia during the austral winter. Acoustics Australia