Fowlers Bay

July ~ August ~ September

Fowlers Bay is one of the largest Southern Right Whale nurseries in South Australia - 2nd only to Head of Bight.  Each year from June through to October, over 100 individual whales pass through our bay on their annual migration with our highest daily count being 67 whales including 27 calves during the 2018 season!!  2021 is set to be a great season with 17 calves born in Fowlers Bay in July.

EP Cruises have been operating exclusive whale watching tours in South Australia for 13 years.  Our crew absolutely love what they do and are extremely passionate about sharing their extensive local and marine life knowledge with our guests.  Our 28 passenger capacity means that your experience is more personalised, and you are likely to be out-numbered by whales!!!

We welcome you aboard our 50ft passenger vessel 'Asherah' to share in the magical world of the Southern Right Whale.

Inclusions : 

  • Inshore interactions & short transit times
  • See southern right whales, humpback whales, common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, Australian sea lions, long nose fur seals& pelagic bird life
  • Morning tea
  • Safe vessel access for all abilities
  • 3 different onboard viewing areas
  • Low passenger numbers
  • Commentary via vessel PA system
  • Educative sessions on whale baleen & ambergris
  • Live whale acoustics via hydrophone & vessel PA system
  • Experienced & knowledgable crew

**NOTE:  These experiences are with wild animals.  Each tour is unique and although interactions with differing species are highly likely - they can not be guaranteed.



"This is a fantastic experience for all ages. We had amazing views of about a dozen whales, and thoroughly enjoyed the spectacular leaping displays given by 48 hour old calves frolicking in the water.  The staff are informative and entertaining, looking after all our needs. Great work guys!  And the dog sitting service by the girls was a real treat for our Jack Russell. Thank you all so much." - Rosie C

"Was lucky enough to go out twice with this company. They really go out of their way to ensure the best chance of seeing whales. They are also extremely sensitive to the whales and are very careful to not approach too closely. Will be back!" - Trudy J

"Not knowing what to expect as whale season has only just started, today my wife and I jumped on a whale watching tour with EP cruises at Fowlers Bay.  Within minutes of leaving the pier we spotted our first Southern Right Whale.  Chatting to our skipper and guide Rod, his passion and depth of knowledge for these majestic ocean giants was immediately obvious. The story of these whales and the history of the bay is wildly fascinating.  Throughout the tour we saw several mother and calves, one of which was just a few days old! What a magical place, if you ever get the chance it’s well worth a visit!" - Stefan A

"From the communication to getting pictures after the Tour - it was all AMAZING!! Rob was great with the information about the Whales, easy explanations so even my 8 and 11yr old daughters understood everything. It’s so clear they LOVE the whales and will do anything for them Great little touches like Hot Chocolates and biscuits on the boat, to the opportunity to have beautiful wildfire pizzas waiting for you straight after the Tour. Just great organised. Thanks for everything - highly recommend it !" - TripAdivser Review

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